Tuesday, June 24, 2008

At long last: Home Improvement Post

This is our new custom cabinet in our living room! You can see the "before" pictures HERE The "after" part was relatively painless on our parts:) A cousin of mine had a custom piece done by Top Shelf Cabinetry in Nevada, IA, so we went over to talk to them. The preliminary design didn't take long, and once we were on the roster, they built the cabinet quickly. There was a bit of a measuring glitch (as in when it got delivered, it wouldn't fit into the recessed space, oops), but they cheerfully hauled it back, fixed it, and got it in place within a few days. It only took me 6 weeks to blog about it:)

I have never posted pictures from our kitchen either, so you get double the pleasure (ha) today! I don't even know when we painted the kitchen...maybe a year ago? Who knows. Then I changed out and added new decor, still within the same theme. I am really liking it now! There are a couple things I'd still like to do, but this is definitely livable. There is one wall painted "merlot" and the others are light sunny yellow (same as our entryway). The theme is fruit, including grapes for wine since I wanted a hint of Europe:)