Monday, June 21, 2010

Intentional Design

I recently finished a class over at called Intentional Design by Anna Mansfield.
The class was awesome; I would highly recommend it for anyone trying to take their scrapbooking to the next level. Or if you are impatient, lol, buy the book since I don't know when she'll offer the class next: Intention Design ebook I believe if you buy the book now, but later want to take the class for the interactive element (and comments/help from the teacher), they will subtract the cost of the book (as it is partly what Anna teaches from.) Anna comments on each and every homework assignment for everyone, and all class members can see everyone's not only do you learn from the comments on your own, but you can learn from the comments posted on other members' layouts as well.
The next four layouts are my homework from class:

The mood I am hoping to achieve is peacefulness. soft, cool colors, gentle curves, cursive font...
Journaling: I am so glad that at least you are so peaceful. Daddy was horribly sick with strep throat for your first week of life, Christopher was home from school a lot due to cancellations from the snow & bitter cold weather, and Christopher and Michael predictably fought. You, on the other hand, fussed only when hungry, slept reasonably well, and charmed us all. Grandma helped hold everything together with her tender loving care.
Anna Mansfield Intentional Design Class
Erica Hite Chic Embroidery and Chic Embroidery 2
Valerie Randall 2 Health
Brandy Murry Peaceful
Thao Cosgrove Haven
Thao Cosgrove Dynamic Brush Drawing 5701
Erica Hite Fabric 5401 Patterns (used to make the yellow paper look just like baby's blankie)
Keri Schueller Vintage Nursery Collection Biggie

Mood: This is one of those "everyday" type particular story attached, just a nice relationship/family photo. Perhaps contentment would be an actual mood to describe this?
Angie Briggs Dress Up
Angie Briggs His N Hers
The white paper was 12 x 12...I just didn't think it looked finished, so I clicked on the top layer, held shift down, and clicked on the bottom layer to highlight them all, then with the move tool, I held down shift AND alt (holding alt down while resizing makes the center of the object stay stationary) and dragged down just a little. Then I placed the super busy, otherwise overwhelming paper behind the white...POP:) I really liked the look; you can bet I'll be doing it more and more!

I had fun on the mats for this one...25 pixel inner stroke on the photos, created new layer with just the stroke on it, used Amanda Sok's icicle style on that and added a drop shadow.
Thao Cosgrove Having Hope (brackets and "SNOWMAN")
Amanda Sok Icicle 6401 Styles (photo mats and on the snowball circular element)
Amanda McGee Jolly Elf (snowman)
Keri Schueller Beautiful Winter (background paper)
Jan Hicks Coin Folder Chip Styles (on the brackets)
Amanda McGee Sketchy Outline font
Sarah Batdorf Basic Shadows styles
Katie Pertiet Winter Wonder Brushes (circular snowball fight)

I hope the silly and short-lived nickname on the page doesn't offend...I didn't think William was protected enough from the sun with just his hat, so used his enormous tea-towel burp cloth underneath his hat to shield his neck and sides of his face better. DH apparently thought he looked like an Arab, thus the name:) I've mentioned before, DH is much better at coming up with good SB page titles than me! ;)
Mood: I was going for "maternal care and concern"...though the nickname is silly, I didn't really want a goofy page for this one. William's eyes are so sparkly and blue in the picture that I wanted a little more of a serious look than I first thought of when contemplating the title. I hope it works...let me know what you think!
Journaling: Since we spent quite a lot of time hiking in South Dakota, Mommy had the creative idea to use your burp cloth to keep the sun off. Daddy came up with the funny nickname.
Valerie Randall Batik (wax alpha)
Melissa Renfro Inspired and AYO Inspired
Keri Schueller Zipper Flowers
Sarah Batdorf Basic Shadows

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Long Time No See

Yikes it's been a long time here. Hope somebody still has me in their feed after all this time! Otherwise I'm posting to thin air. Well I hope this was worth the wait. I'm posting a bunch of paper pages (and 1 related digi page) that I've completed in the last few months. I really have been on a scrapping roll, and that means less posting here I guess.

Family news: Christopher (7) lost his first tooth 2 days ago, and his second tooth came out yesterday...yes, two days in a row! Poor busy Tooth Fairy! This week is Vacation Bible School and I am one of the tribe leaders. The theme is Jerusalem Marketplace and it's a lot of fun. Today among other things we washed real sheep's wool and tomorrow we actually get to meet the sheep! The boys were thrilled they got to make a wooden hammer (mallet) in the carpenter's shop, and tomorrow they make a flower box...with their hammer. They also used the hammer in the leather shop to make a bracelet with punched designs.

William is hanging out in the nursery this week. He is finally expanding his vocabulary and starting to grow a teeny bit more hair (cute little bald guy). His favorite words are still THIS and THAT and Dada (I am Dada as well as Jeff), but he is in fact capable of saying Mama too:) Today he said a 2-syllable something that could pass for thank you when a man gave him a sucker (lucky boy). Christopher got his hair cut and they ALL got suckers...great scam;) He loves to say CHOO CHOO whenever he sees or hears a train, and he said NANA when he got home (banana).

One of my favorite sets of photos with Daisy:)

Labor Day at our neighbors house. They are grandparents and have some rather cool toys our boys don't, so guess who LOVES to play at Kathy and Kevin's house?! Heehee. Here's Hulk Michael jumping on their trampoline, having a blast.

This one was done for an informal challenge at Scrapgirls to post a layout about how much we love their site...since I agree, and had the perfect photo, I posted this one. I'm posting it here to show I like Kathy and Kevin's place too, lol...yeppers, that's me jumping on their trampoline. I was quite the gymnast in my younger days, lol.
I am jumping for joy that I found Scrap Girls! A digiscrapper’s paradise!
Ariadna Wiczling Fleeting Moments
Ariadna Wiczling Herbal alpha
Ariadna Wiczling Freehand Coloring style
Theresa Kavouras Patch it Up paper templates
Valerie Randall Batik alpha
Sarah Batdorf Basic Shadows (color match)
LD Perpetual, papyrus, and the king and I fonts

This one is for my friend Amy. "Bigify" (tm Janet) it to read the sticker and the caption in the lower right. Her son Gray:)

I completed this one way back at our retreat in February. Gina had an awesome challenge where you had to put the entire alphabet and/or the numbers to 10 (I think I remember this correctly, but not swearing to it) on your page, and I think it added to the fun. I circled the ages of C & M and added the title, MUD, around the corners of the collage. I like how it turned out! They were FILTHY after playing in the mud pit, otherwise known as the swing set next door, after a hard rain.

A page of my dear friend Kris, who along with Jeff was my labor support person for both Michael and William's births. And curiously enough, as the journaling points out...Michael and William share a birthday with each other AND with Kris' dad. Kris and her brother have the same birthday. Things that make you go HMMMMMMmmmm....:)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Full Swing

I hope my scrapbooking is back in full swing, however, I can't always count on the little boys to nap together. Plus, Michael is 4 now and doesn't always take a nap. I was proud of myself to head downstairs today, even in the cold basement to do some paper scrapping. I finished off a few pages that just needed journaling. I had started them at the annual crop I attended earlier this month with some girlfriends in Des Moines.

Well before show-and-tell, how about a little family update? :) We'll start with the littlest guy...William is 13 months old and is trying to figure out how to RUN already. He has the walking thing down pat now. Oh, and as of today he can climb up on the couch. (Please say it isn't so!!) He figured out how to get on the coffee table last week. Once up, he dances around and generally gives us a heart attack. So far he's only fallen off once, when neither Jeff nor I was in the room. He wasn't hurt, thank goodness. He seems bound and determined to do everything at an earlier age than his brothers (except grow hair).

Michael is fighting a cold and cough this week. The preschool teacher wondered if I could pinpoint what activities we'd done the night before or how we'd done our morning routine b/c he was so calm, serene, and grounded on Wednesday....yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh...he was just getting ill:( (Mental note; Michael behaves better when subdued by illness) He's getting more interested in Legos but is constantly forced out of the room for inadvertently (well usually inadvertently) breaking creations Christopher made.

Christopher is apparently a perfect angel at school and is doing very well in his studies, especially reading. Yeah, I'd like to see the perfect angel a bit more frequently at home;) He just turned 7 last Friday. The weather and Jeff's bronchitis curbed our party plans a little. Due to some GOOD cold meds, Jeff was able to do the friend party at Perfect Games here in town. I stayed home with the little boys while Christopher and friends whooped it up on pop and cake, bowling, air bouncing, and gaming to their heart's content.

Summer 2008 trip to the Des Moines Science Center
I am VERY near to being totally done with 2008!

The first and only time I've seen a praying mantis in the wild. Daisy was acting very peculiar in the backyard so we went out to investigate and found this!

More bug stuff from 2008. I actually did all these paper pages while getting ready for and packing for the retreat a few weeks ago. I still need to upload the pages I did at the retreat itself! :) It's been a papery sort of month!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jessica Sprague's Pen Tablet class

I tend to take most of Jessica Sprague's digital classes...haven't hit one yet I didn't absolutely love! This one is no exception. Although I was already quite adept (if I do say so myself) at using my Wacom tablet as a mouse substitute, there have been several things I either didn't know how to do, didn't know existed, or thought I didn't want to do that I have now done and liked the results. One of those was to use my own handwriting on the tablet. I thought I didn't want to do that, and was pleasantly surprised to find that I might even actually do it again after class, lol. One thing I didn't know existed was pop-up menus...let's just say that if you own a tablet or are thinking of owning one, once you have it, you NEED to take Jessica's class:)

Here's the week 1 layout:

Created completely with class materials and a Google map. This is the infamous marching band trip from July 1988:) We won 3rd place in the 4th of July parade in Washington DC...even in the next-larger class than we should have been in. ALL of my pictures from this trip totally suck you-know-what! Most of my decent mementos from this trip are post cards.

Week 2:

Made during Jessica Sprague's Wacom tablet class.
Includes handwritten journaling, handwritten doodles, leaf overlay made with various brush techniques made easier using the tablet, chipboard swirl (IRL) traced using the tablet, and bird traced from artwork paper using the tablet
Jessica Sprague papers, etc
Crystal Wilkerson circle tag
Misty Cato Farmer's Market wooden frame
lstock artwork...extracted the bird from a paper
Katie Pertiet photo frame on right
leaf overlay made my little 'ol me, using instructions from Jessica Sprague's class
stereofidelic, outlaw and AL Serenade fonts
Journaling around frame is my handwriting (using the tablet, of course)

Week 3 was photo editing using the tablet. This was an awesome lesson (no corresponding layout). We were given 2 photos from Jessica to work on with the video lessons. I learned some editing techniques and new tools with this lesson; totally worthwhile. I wouldn't normally put this much effort in to all photos...these are special techniques to really make a good portrait great.

Week 4: Just finished this one up today. The final layout from class:

Week 4 layout template from Jessica Sprague Tablet Fun class
Jessica Sprague: brown paper, swirls and stitching
Dani Mogstad Frosted Flakes circle paper
Bittbox watercolor brushes
Clementine sketch font
Heather Roselli Big Top striped paper (somewhat recolored)
Cheryl Barber Stitching and Holes styles from (soon to be retired:( )
Rhonna Farrer Perfect Pets embellishments
Chatterbox Phonebook and CK_Ali's Handwriting fonts
I usually tend to do the class layouts fairly closely to the original. For this one, though, the photos I wanted to use didn't go at all with the paper selections Jessica used. So I picked different ones except for the solid brown. She also had us do a really cool extraction with some flower photos, but that didn't fit my theme either. The Rhonna Farrer dog freebies really worked well though, whether I needed the tablet to use them or not:)
This one really has a cool photo masking technique using the watercolor this look and will definitely use it again!

Ah...class is winding down this week...always bittersweet. :)

Local Peeps...shameless plug for my child's school!

Bigify this if you want to see the details. The cost of the card is $10...if you go to Hy-Vee grocery store more than 10 times in a year, you've already "made back" the $10, as you get $1 off any total more than $25. There are some really good deals at restaurants and Great Clips too, just to name a couple.

If you want to purchase a card, contact me or go through your child's school instead:)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bat-Party and Bug Party (all in one!)

The boys had a super fun time at their party:) Both sets of grandparents, their only aunt, uncle, and 2 cousins, and "our friends with the 5 kids" were there.

Michael really wanted a bat-shaped cake for Batman. I took a simplified bat (the actual logo would have been way too difficult) and cut it out of paper. I cheated and used a cake mix, froze the cake, and cut it using the paper pattern (sprayed with Pam so it wouldn't stick to the cake) while the cake was still frozen. The frosting was more difficult as this was a super crumbly cake, so I finally had to resort to using a pastry bag and frosting tip (which I have no idea how to use professionally, lol). Anyway I thought it turned out fine, and Michael certainly thought it was cool and that's what counts:)

William's cake is my signature made-from-scratch carrot cake, but baked in small Bundt pans instead of one big cake. I'm not sure if it was Christopher or Michael who insisted on the second candle for William's cake. I know to pick my battles and it didn't bother me at all. One of the grandmas thought it was funny/weird and that we would later wonder why there were 2 candles at his first birthday, lol.

Little Boys' Birthday

These are from the actual day, January 12. We started out the day with Michael at preschool. In the Waldorf tradition, birthdays are very special. So Jeff and I spent most of the preschool day with him (and William too:) Michael wore the special birthday crown and cape, and kept waving a cute, shy little wave at us from across the room. Then he crossed the bridge and sat with us to listen to the rest of the birthday story and open his nature-based gifts from his preschool friends. One example (which I need to photograph) is a little walnut boat with a straw mast and paper sail.

At the end of the preschool morning, they spend about 30-45 minutes outdoors. William had his first sledding experience with me and tried to walk in snow for the first time. Unfortunately his snowsuit is just fleece and not waterproof so I couldn't let him down for too long. Michael adores the tire swing and took turns riding and pushing/twirling it with his friends. Christopher was a little disappointed that he missed out on the preschool activities. He went to Prairie Flower also and misses it.

In the evening, my in-laws came up and took us out to eat at Hickory Park. Michael loved the wooden Indian (and his gun, lol) there. :)