Monday, September 28, 2009

Latest Jen Wilson Challenge pages

Week #34: SB about growth
I used the challenge of "growth" a tad bit loosely...I'm talking about birthdays here but never actually mention getting bigger, lol...
Journaling: William arrived exactly three years after Michael was born -Who would have ever thought we’d have two children with the same birthday?! After all, no important event happens 9.5 months before January 12;) This phenomenon seems to run in the Murray/Meyer family. Twins Ron and Ruth were born on Great-Grandma Darlene (Murray) Meyer’s fifth birthday. She married Great-Grandpa Bud Meyer, whose birthday is four years and 364 days before hers, Their third child, Great-Uncle Gary, was born on Grandpa’s birthday.
VT Portable Remington font
Jessica Sprague template from Beautiful Evidence class
JWD Laundry Line Zachery (stripe and blue)
JWD Academy English paper (brown dot)
JWD Fading Days circular tag
JWD Rekindle (yellow dot)
JWD Nostalgia No 3 chipboard word art

Week #33: SB the start of something new
JWD Academy Phys Ed (red and brown striped paper)
JWD Canvas Backpack Labels
Syndee Nuckles School Edge Paper Templates
Melissa Renfro Star Bright styles (silver spirals)
Dani Mogstad It's Elementary word art and buttons
Katie Pertiet Art Class Frame
Angela Barton Sixteen (alpha paper)
Sarah Batdorf Color Match shadows styles
Sweet Blossom School Days (ruler ribbon)

Week #35: SB something you learned
Christopher was elated when it was his turn to bring Starry home for the weekend. Starry has his own light blue backpack he travels in, complete with his journal (which we turned in to a scrapbook by adding a photo). Each child brought Starry home one weekend in the fall and again for one weekend in the spring semester. It was so much fun to see how far Christopher had progressed in that short amount of time. By spring semester Christopher was able to phonetically spell out several things Starry did with us all on his own. I started and finished the process with him. Starry even attended cousin Joe Borg’s wedding with us in Pella. So he really is a well-traveled elephant! Michael always loved saying hi to Starry in Mrs. Fisher’s classroom, even the next year.

JWD Beginnings Solids
JWD Complete Boy 01 and 02
Heather Roselli Life's a Circus
Raspberry Road elephant (lower right)
Carina Gardner Back to School Titles
Angie Briggs Dirt Road (stitched star)
Circus font

Week #36: SB a fall page, using the color orange
JWD Laundry Line Xander
JWD Little Autumn Bits
Katie Pertiet Stacked Photo Clusters
Summer Driggs Gratitude title
Doreen Stolz autumn tree, ribbon, fastener, and buttons

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Daddy Love

Gotta keep going on the tiny baby William pages so I can get to the Big Boy William pages:)

Scraplift of sjford0419 at Sweet Shoppe Designs
Dani Mogstad Father Knows Best
Sarah Batdorf Deep Shadow actions
Sarah Batdorf Color Match styles

By now William (also called Will or "The Will") is pulling himself to standing, doing a little walking around hanging on to furniture, has his first tooth (bottom right) as of this past Saturday (luckily was only grumpy for a day), and is on the verge of crawling:)

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Meeting of the Brothers

A just-because-I-love-these-photos layout:) (In other words, not a challenge for a change!)

One technique I did for this layout was to select the portion of the focal photo outside of the smaller frame and apply a gaussian blur. I wanted to include the larger portion of the photo, in part b/c you can see my hand and arm around both boys, but I also wanted to keep the focus on their sweet little faces.

Dave & Pauline had just arrived in the snow when Jeff returned from getting the boys from Dan & Amy's house. M stopped by the bassinet to briefly glance at William (who of course was still New Baby/Mr. No-Name then), then both of them greeted Grandpa & Grandma, then C settled in on the window ledge with Jeff's iTouch to play games, completely ignoring the baby. Michael took a nice turn holding William at his own request and commented on how he had little ears, a little nose, etc, then tried to TAKE the baby by himself over to Grandpa, because he hadn't had a turn yet. After C played games a bit and after Grandpa & Grandma left, C wanted to hold the baby constantly. He held even his head alone, very gently. M looked on for part of the time but especially C was very interested in baby's little parts...he gently moved his hat aside so he could examine and touch his ears, see how much hair he had, touch his nose, etc...was very interested that he had no teeth (gently moved his lips so he could look, and William very cooperatively opened his mouth wide), and both were VERY interested in his belly button and its very recent function. The really fun part was that William was awake and checking them out most of this time also.
Amanda Sok Sea Glass
Keri Schueller Tiny Love -Boy (frame)
Thao Cosgrove Emb Templates: String Fling
Cheryl Barber Paua Shell styles