Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Life's Messy!

My latest Jen Wilson layout...for the "What's your motto?" challenge.

The background is a photo of DS#1's perpetual Lego mess in our living room blended with
JWD Holiday Avenue paper.
The photo is DS#2 looking surprisingly like my brother-in-law, who has a real goatee Smile
JWD Serendipitous frame
JWD Love So Much (brown paper for frame)
JWD Hand Stitched Starter
JWD Grunged Edges overlay
JWD Picknics Admit One ticket
JWD Complete Boy: ink scratch, arrow rubons, and dotcircle rubon
JWD Laundry Line Stains
Fonts: Marcelle, Marcelle Swashes, Yukon Gold, CK Regal and Impact
I don't really have a motto, but I do say this one a lot...or its variation, "Life's messy, clean it up." I got it from the old old Bissell vacuum commercials:)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Family Photo Link

Follow this link to see our pictures:

Click on Jill Purcell

I was impressed with how they turned out! I had no idea if any of the kids smiled for any of them so was excited to see that several photos had happy child smiles and/or neutral expressions and everybody pretty much looking at the camera! :) They are clearly taken chronologically. If you look at the later poses I am visibly holding Michael in the frame, lol. Also, check out frame 17 closely...what do you think Michael is holding up toward the camera? Yep, that would be his stick "gun." Oh boy...

Friday, May 15, 2009


Sight: Statue of Liberty: I have yet to see her, but love that she is a symbol of our freedom here in America.
Sound: Boom of fireworks: I still love to oooh and aaahhh with the children at the site and sound of fireworks on the Fourth of July.
Taste: Yummy taste (and smell too) of apple pie, that quintessential American dessert.
Touch: The touch of my family’s hugs…for they are my true home within this United States of America.
Smell: or the lack thereof. I love that the air I breathe in Iowa is clean and clear. I am grateful I don’t have to live in an area with heavy pollution and smog.

This Jen Wilson challenge was to scrap a page about "home", however I chose to define it. The page had to include journaling about all 5 senses and at least 2 circular elements. The journaling on the page goes on and on and I'll stick the rest behind the page. I included it at the bottom for your reviewing pleasure...I'll warn you here; it's more political than usual.
JWD Caring paper
JWD His Tuesday Attire paper
JWD Complete Boy stitching
Dani Mogstand Americana
Kerry Veale statue of liberty
Heather Roselli Sweet Orchard apple and pie
Diane Miller Bitsy brush (steam on pie)
Brandy Hackman Persian Breeze (numbers)
Mandy Steward Chipboard style
Jan Hicks Coin Folder Chip style
Photographer's name available upon request

It’s been years since I’ve felt patriotic to my own country, the “good ol’” USA. I briefly felt patriotic after September 11, 2001, but even before we invaded Afghanistan, I felt stirrings of unrest. Just what was with the bumper stickers reading “God Bless the USA” after 9/11? Why should we assume God is on our side at the expense of the rest of the world? Why not “God Bless the World?” I’m pretty sure the rest of the world is also in need of God’s blessing, and who am I to deny them that?
After the invasion of Iraq I felt even less patriotism than before. I did not agree with that decision of our president. While I think Hussein needed to be ousted, I do not think it was our job to invade without provocation. I thought the days of colonialism were over.
So I spent a few years mildly wishing I could become or had been born into a family in Europe (Italy is beautiful, as is their language-the Scandinavian countries have much to offer in the way of health care and paid time off for new mothers). All or virtually all have better health systems that actually insure EVERYONE.
Now that Obama is in office, I have stirrings of hope again. I think though that the job set before him is way too much for one man with limited (and thank goodness for that) power and limited time. We cannot expect to be “on top of the world” forever-all great “empires” fall eventually, even Rome did. But I sincerely hope our time has not come yet, and if that is a glimmer of patriotism, well then call me patriotic again.
We need to be world leaders in innovation, especially in the realm of energy. Can you tell I just read Thomas Friedman’s “Hot, Flat, and Crowded”? We need to revamp our health care system, preferably from the ground up. We need to cure our incessant materialism and reliance on credit. If you don’t have the money for it, don’t buy it! We need to cure our dependence on foreign oil. Why do we essentially “bow down to the enemy” and ignore atrocities simply because we “need” their oil? Why can’t we reward research and innovation to make free fuels more easily obtained and used? Regardless of global warming, it’s the smart, and money-conscious, ethical thing to do.
(Off soapbox now:)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mothers Day Gifts

Here's my mother-in-law's gift from us this year. Mom's book is identical except for the front cover. 3 or so of the pages are photos I took of traditional paper pages, the rest are digital pages. I was very pleased with Shutterfly!

DH and the boys always treat me well on Mother's Day...I have received such wonderful gifts as Club Scrap membership (back when they were AWESOME), a pogo stick (I have ALWAYS wanted one, and my parents NEVER got one for me!), Roomba (some women would have hated getting an "appliance" but I think it kicks you-know-what), and this year...a Scrap Girls club membership...woohoo!:)

We spent this Mother's Day at Sunday School, then hightailed it to Greenwood Park in Des Moines to meet my in-laws including sister-in-law and her family. M-i-l had been hinting to s-i-l that she wanted family portraits. So s-i-l hired a professional photographer (same one from our wedding, wow!) and we split the cost of the sitting fee/and will get in-laws at least 1 photo. I think this serves for Father's Day gift too, better check on that;)

Click here to view this photo book larger

Monday, May 11, 2009


Journaling: William Aidan, born on January 12, 2009 at 11:34am.
Great-Grandma later discovered that a distant relative on her side of the family is also named William Aden Murrah. He is a professor at a college in Florida. His parents are Ruby and William Baker Murrah. His aunt is the “famous” Norma Shields whose pie crust Mommy likes to make.
Another Jen Wilson challenge, this time to do a monochromatic page. I did another version for her website with her paper, but I like this slightly simpler background version better.
Thao Cosgrove Art Gallery Template, Pretty Primavera paper, Merry Mine postage "life"
Keri Schueller Wrought Iron style
Mandy Steward Embed style
Melissa Renfro Downtown frame
Durin Eberhart Rustica paper
Sarah Batdorf Deep Shadows action
Aritus D and Arial fonts

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Handle with Care

Time to play catch up with posting my Jen Wilson challenge pages!

Challenge: Then and now photos/journaling.
Journaling: I’m not convinced that any of you look like Daddy or me, but you sure look like each other! Three cute little peas in a pod; that’s you:)
JWD Holiday Avenue
JWD Laced Ribbons
JWD Sugared Tissue Paper Alpha
JWD Dated Stamp Circles
JWD Simply Charming Boy (charm)
JWD Fluttering Finish
Erica Hite Precious Boy
Keri Schueller Vintage Nursery (brad)
Katie Pertiet Storyboard Frame & Snap Frame Alpha

Challenge: SB something that makes you crazy.
Journaling: Let me just say…I love Daisy in the winter. Look at her sweet beagle face framed in our gigantic wreath. She is so friendly, wagging her tail so hard it looks like she is hoola hooping all over the house. And in winter, she keeps my feet warm at night by sleeping under the covers. And the ground is FROZEN in the winter, so she cannot dig out and run after bunnies like she does the rest of the year. I am journaling this in the spring. Now I love spring, don’t get me wrong. But I HATE spring because Daisy goes absolutely freaking berserk about the bunnies, and her constant running off and whimpering and whining drives me absolutely CRAZY! I’m not sure which of us needs a Valium more!!We are her 4th or 5th, and final, home. If we knew then what we know now, I’m not sure we would have taken her. But Daisy is now 9 or 10 years old, and will live with us until she dies (perhaps of not so innocent means, bwahahahaha). Her only real alternative is to live in a concrete dog run somewhere, and what kind of life would that be?
JWD Project 52 week 3 template
JWD Merry Days 8th (papers)
JWD Sugar Flakes Holiday (red snowflake paper)
JWD Fresh Pine Holiday (bottom stripes)
Anna Aspnes color challenge freebie (paper for circular frames)
Jeannette Bollinger (bunny)
Thao Cosgrove Doggy Tales (words and bone)

Challenge: Take photos of a particular body part of all members of your family.
now DH says he was just kidding about putting "spanking" in there, lol...I'll take it out before I print:)
JWD Love So Much
JWD Beginnings: Torn Ribbon Pocket Starter
JWD Nostalgia No. 1 (family)
JWD Project 52: Dated Stamp Circles
JWD Handy Messy Hearts (warped to the shape I needed)
JWD Complete Boy 01 (arrows in top left)
JWD Caring
JWD Rekindle (adore)
JWD Messy Mended Circles
JWD Meaning 2 (framed T)
Brandie Valenzuela Grungelle Brush Set
Syndee Nuckles Sanded Black style (frames around photos)
Jason Gaylor Valentine brush set
LD Dear Diary font