Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bat-Party and Bug Party (all in one!)

The boys had a super fun time at their party:) Both sets of grandparents, their only aunt, uncle, and 2 cousins, and "our friends with the 5 kids" were there.

Michael really wanted a bat-shaped cake for Batman. I took a simplified bat (the actual logo would have been way too difficult) and cut it out of paper. I cheated and used a cake mix, froze the cake, and cut it using the paper pattern (sprayed with Pam so it wouldn't stick to the cake) while the cake was still frozen. The frosting was more difficult as this was a super crumbly cake, so I finally had to resort to using a pastry bag and frosting tip (which I have no idea how to use professionally, lol). Anyway I thought it turned out fine, and Michael certainly thought it was cool and that's what counts:)

William's cake is my signature made-from-scratch carrot cake, but baked in small Bundt pans instead of one big cake. I'm not sure if it was Christopher or Michael who insisted on the second candle for William's cake. I know to pick my battles and it didn't bother me at all. One of the grandmas thought it was funny/weird and that we would later wonder why there were 2 candles at his first birthday, lol.


Sarah C. said...

Awesome cakes! Can I hire you this summer?? :) Very clever idea about how to make the bat one. I need to jot that down for future reference. And in total shock - William is one already? Time is going way too fast. Glad your boys enjoyed their party!!

Kristina said...

You did decide to make the bat cake yourself...You go!

Your boy's birthdays bring back a lot of memories of my birthday shared with my brother, although at some point, my mom made us share a cake. :(

I wanna try your signature carrot cake sometime....hint, hint.. :)

Janet said...

Kudos to you for those fabulously cute cakes! Just adorable!