Thursday, February 25, 2010

Full Swing

I hope my scrapbooking is back in full swing, however, I can't always count on the little boys to nap together. Plus, Michael is 4 now and doesn't always take a nap. I was proud of myself to head downstairs today, even in the cold basement to do some paper scrapping. I finished off a few pages that just needed journaling. I had started them at the annual crop I attended earlier this month with some girlfriends in Des Moines.

Well before show-and-tell, how about a little family update? :) We'll start with the littlest guy...William is 13 months old and is trying to figure out how to RUN already. He has the walking thing down pat now. Oh, and as of today he can climb up on the couch. (Please say it isn't so!!) He figured out how to get on the coffee table last week. Once up, he dances around and generally gives us a heart attack. So far he's only fallen off once, when neither Jeff nor I was in the room. He wasn't hurt, thank goodness. He seems bound and determined to do everything at an earlier age than his brothers (except grow hair).

Michael is fighting a cold and cough this week. The preschool teacher wondered if I could pinpoint what activities we'd done the night before or how we'd done our morning routine b/c he was so calm, serene, and grounded on Wednesday....yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh...he was just getting ill:( (Mental note; Michael behaves better when subdued by illness) He's getting more interested in Legos but is constantly forced out of the room for inadvertently (well usually inadvertently) breaking creations Christopher made.

Christopher is apparently a perfect angel at school and is doing very well in his studies, especially reading. Yeah, I'd like to see the perfect angel a bit more frequently at home;) He just turned 7 last Friday. The weather and Jeff's bronchitis curbed our party plans a little. Due to some GOOD cold meds, Jeff was able to do the friend party at Perfect Games here in town. I stayed home with the little boys while Christopher and friends whooped it up on pop and cake, bowling, air bouncing, and gaming to their heart's content.

Summer 2008 trip to the Des Moines Science Center
I am VERY near to being totally done with 2008!

The first and only time I've seen a praying mantis in the wild. Daisy was acting very peculiar in the backyard so we went out to investigate and found this!

More bug stuff from 2008. I actually did all these paper pages while getting ready for and packing for the retreat a few weeks ago. I still need to upload the pages I did at the retreat itself! :) It's been a papery sort of month!


Kristina said...

More great pages! I see you used one of my favorite lines...Archaic. I'm hoarding!

Happy Birthday to Christopher! 7 years old already! Wow!

Becky said...

so these pages are all digital? Love the dinosaur one the most....gosh your son is 7? that is so unbelievable....

Cheri said...

Nope, this post is all paper pages! Shocker, I know:) I actually headed down to the cold basement.

ScrapGirls Ro said...

You must be busy as a Vacation School leader! That can take a lot of work to do.

Love the pages a lot. You do such nice work, Cheri.

I especially love that photo of the girl jumping in the Scrap Girls layout. Such neat energy in it.