Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Long Time No See

Yikes it's been a long time here. Hope somebody still has me in their feed after all this time! Otherwise I'm posting to thin air. Well I hope this was worth the wait. I'm posting a bunch of paper pages (and 1 related digi page) that I've completed in the last few months. I really have been on a scrapping roll, and that means less posting here I guess.

Family news: Christopher (7) lost his first tooth 2 days ago, and his second tooth came out yesterday...yes, two days in a row! Poor busy Tooth Fairy! This week is Vacation Bible School and I am one of the tribe leaders. The theme is Jerusalem Marketplace and it's a lot of fun. Today among other things we washed real sheep's wool and tomorrow we actually get to meet the sheep! The boys were thrilled they got to make a wooden hammer (mallet) in the carpenter's shop, and tomorrow they make a flower box...with their hammer. They also used the hammer in the leather shop to make a bracelet with punched designs.

William is hanging out in the nursery this week. He is finally expanding his vocabulary and starting to grow a teeny bit more hair (cute little bald guy). His favorite words are still THIS and THAT and Dada (I am Dada as well as Jeff), but he is in fact capable of saying Mama too:) Today he said a 2-syllable something that could pass for thank you when a man gave him a sucker (lucky boy). Christopher got his hair cut and they ALL got suckers...great scam;) He loves to say CHOO CHOO whenever he sees or hears a train, and he said NANA when he got home (banana).

One of my favorite sets of photos with Daisy:)

Labor Day at our neighbors house. They are grandparents and have some rather cool toys our boys don't, so guess who LOVES to play at Kathy and Kevin's house?! Heehee. Here's Hulk Michael jumping on their trampoline, having a blast.

This one was done for an informal challenge at Scrapgirls to post a layout about how much we love their site...since I agree, and had the perfect photo, I posted this one. I'm posting it here to show I like Kathy and Kevin's place too, lol...yeppers, that's me jumping on their trampoline. I was quite the gymnast in my younger days, lol.
I am jumping for joy that I found Scrap Girls! A digiscrapper’s paradise!
Ariadna Wiczling Fleeting Moments
Ariadna Wiczling Herbal alpha
Ariadna Wiczling Freehand Coloring style
Theresa Kavouras Patch it Up paper templates
Valerie Randall Batik alpha
Sarah Batdorf Basic Shadows (color match)
LD Perpetual, papyrus, and the king and I fonts

This one is for my friend Amy. "Bigify" (tm Janet) it to read the sticker and the caption in the lower right. Her son Gray:)

I completed this one way back at our retreat in February. Gina had an awesome challenge where you had to put the entire alphabet and/or the numbers to 10 (I think I remember this correctly, but not swearing to it) on your page, and I think it added to the fun. I circled the ages of C & M and added the title, MUD, around the corners of the collage. I like how it turned out! They were FILTHY after playing in the mud pit, otherwise known as the swing set next door, after a hard rain.

A page of my dear friend Kris, who along with Jeff was my labor support person for both Michael and William's births. And curiously enough, as the journaling points out...Michael and William share a birthday with each other AND with Kris' dad. Kris and her brother have the same birthday. Things that make you go HMMMMMMmmmm....:)


Judy said...

I still have you on my list to watch for updates. What awesome pictures. I love the one with you jumping on the trampoline and of the boys in the mud!! Those put a smile on my face for sure.

Janet said...

Hey, you're still in my reader, too! Love the pages! I'm quite impressed with your jumping skills. Holy cow!

And, BTW, I cannot take credit for 'bigify'. It came from Daisy the Curly Cat's blog (my all-time fav blog written by a cat). :-)

Jeff T said...

I'm still here too!

Steven said...

Congratulations! You might like this Cool Tooth Fairy keepsake. FREE code "Fairy-Proof"

TheScrapGirl said...

So nice to "SEE" you too!
Hope all is well you you and your family!

Chrissy Guido

Kristina said...

Love them all! I don't even know where to start with the

Loving your take on the Scrapgirls page! That should win you something, I would think.

Of course, I love the page of William and I and am so glad that we will always have those memories of us together at such important times.