Monday, June 21, 2010

Intentional Design

I recently finished a class over at called Intentional Design by Anna Mansfield.
The class was awesome; I would highly recommend it for anyone trying to take their scrapbooking to the next level. Or if you are impatient, lol, buy the book since I don't know when she'll offer the class next: Intention Design ebook I believe if you buy the book now, but later want to take the class for the interactive element (and comments/help from the teacher), they will subtract the cost of the book (as it is partly what Anna teaches from.) Anna comments on each and every homework assignment for everyone, and all class members can see everyone's not only do you learn from the comments on your own, but you can learn from the comments posted on other members' layouts as well.
The next four layouts are my homework from class:

The mood I am hoping to achieve is peacefulness. soft, cool colors, gentle curves, cursive font...
Journaling: I am so glad that at least you are so peaceful. Daddy was horribly sick with strep throat for your first week of life, Christopher was home from school a lot due to cancellations from the snow & bitter cold weather, and Christopher and Michael predictably fought. You, on the other hand, fussed only when hungry, slept reasonably well, and charmed us all. Grandma helped hold everything together with her tender loving care.
Anna Mansfield Intentional Design Class
Erica Hite Chic Embroidery and Chic Embroidery 2
Valerie Randall 2 Health
Brandy Murry Peaceful
Thao Cosgrove Haven
Thao Cosgrove Dynamic Brush Drawing 5701
Erica Hite Fabric 5401 Patterns (used to make the yellow paper look just like baby's blankie)
Keri Schueller Vintage Nursery Collection Biggie

Mood: This is one of those "everyday" type particular story attached, just a nice relationship/family photo. Perhaps contentment would be an actual mood to describe this?
Angie Briggs Dress Up
Angie Briggs His N Hers
The white paper was 12 x 12...I just didn't think it looked finished, so I clicked on the top layer, held shift down, and clicked on the bottom layer to highlight them all, then with the move tool, I held down shift AND alt (holding alt down while resizing makes the center of the object stay stationary) and dragged down just a little. Then I placed the super busy, otherwise overwhelming paper behind the white...POP:) I really liked the look; you can bet I'll be doing it more and more!

I had fun on the mats for this one...25 pixel inner stroke on the photos, created new layer with just the stroke on it, used Amanda Sok's icicle style on that and added a drop shadow.
Thao Cosgrove Having Hope (brackets and "SNOWMAN")
Amanda Sok Icicle 6401 Styles (photo mats and on the snowball circular element)
Amanda McGee Jolly Elf (snowman)
Keri Schueller Beautiful Winter (background paper)
Jan Hicks Coin Folder Chip Styles (on the brackets)
Amanda McGee Sketchy Outline font
Sarah Batdorf Basic Shadows styles
Katie Pertiet Winter Wonder Brushes (circular snowball fight)

I hope the silly and short-lived nickname on the page doesn't offend...I didn't think William was protected enough from the sun with just his hat, so used his enormous tea-towel burp cloth underneath his hat to shield his neck and sides of his face better. DH apparently thought he looked like an Arab, thus the name:) I've mentioned before, DH is much better at coming up with good SB page titles than me! ;)
Mood: I was going for "maternal care and concern"...though the nickname is silly, I didn't really want a goofy page for this one. William's eyes are so sparkly and blue in the picture that I wanted a little more of a serious look than I first thought of when contemplating the title. I hope it works...let me know what you think!
Journaling: Since we spent quite a lot of time hiking in South Dakota, Mommy had the creative idea to use your burp cloth to keep the sun off. Daddy came up with the funny nickname.
Valerie Randall Batik (wax alpha)
Melissa Renfro Inspired and AYO Inspired
Keri Schueller Zipper Flowers
Sarah Batdorf Basic Shadows


Judy said...

Great pictures Cheri. You always have just the right touch when you put things together. I wish I could 'see' what the finished product should look like as a lot of you are able to do. I just slap the stuff on the page and call it good. Thanks for sharing. I do enjoy seeing your great layouts..paper and digi.

Kristina said...

I've seen these! Thanks for sharing them again. I like looking at all the detail in your pages.

janalee said...

These LOs are great :) and I like that you added comments, about what kind of mood you were aiming for, to some of them. Helps me with my own scrapbooking!
**congratulations on your published page! LMK where it turns up

marnie said...

Hi Cheri!

The photo of you and your family is just gorgeous!

Really love the class layouts you made, but I think "Peaceful" is my favorite--so very pretty!

I'll be checking back in with you. :D